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At yesterday’s Open Business Meeting, we approved the final contract with Allied Waste for trash hauling and recycling services for unincorporated Ada County. Because we put out an RFP – a Request for Proposals – soliciting proposals from interested trash hauling companies, ratepayers will save about $110,000 a year over […]

County Contract Competition Causes Cost Cut

The Media Cries Racism, I Cry Foul Some people are claiming that those of us who disagree with President Barack Obama’s policies must be motivated by racism. In the national media, Maureen Dowd in The New York Times on September 12 wrote: But (Republican Representative Joe) Wilson’s shocking disrespect for […]

In Black and White

Yesterday, I had lunch with Sheriff’s Captain Linda Scown. She runs the Ada County jail. Just coincidently, we also had a surprise quarterly jail inspection scheduled that very afternoon as well. In one of those quirky legal oddities, we as county commissioners are responsible for conducting quarterly jail inspections, although […]

Black and White Cars and Stripes

Two days, two events, two worthwhile causes. On Friday, September 11 – Patriot Day – I had the privilege of attending a Celebration of “Idaho’s Finest” which was a fundraiser for the Idaho Peace Officers’ Memorial and The Boise Police Activities League (PAL) Alcohol Prevention & Education Programs. At the […]

Two for Two

Someone asked me why I care about city council races. We work closely with our fellow local government colleagues who serve as mayors and city council members. We serve together on regional boards such as the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS), Valley Regional Transit (VRT), the Growth Alliance, […]

Who cares?

From the City of Boise website: “2009 BOISE CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE LIST (Official list) “Boise City Council Seat 2Vernon L. BisterfeldtDaniel L. DunhamDavid A. Honey “Boise City Council Seat 4TJ ThomsonSteven B. SiebersLeland (Lee) J. LayDavid S. Litster “Boise City Council Seat 6Maryanne JordanLucas BaumbachDavid Webb” It looks like there […]

City Council Candidates

Yesterday, I attended a meeting of the Emergency Communications Planning Committee and heard updates on some exciting advances being made in Ada County emergency services under the direction of new Emergency Communication Director Carl Rader. First, some computer hardware connectivity issues have been worked out so now the folks in […]

Going Global

City council elections are just around the corner in November of 2009. There is a bright, young, upcoming crop of political newcomers and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some of them to you. We work closely with city council members in Canyon and Ada Counties, so I […]

Council Candidate Coverage