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At the bottom of this piece, I will share with you some of the comments people have posted on my latest blog piece about horse racing at Idaho Downs, which was formerly known as Les Bois Park. I find these comments interesting, in part because these are the people who […]


Yesterday, Brian WIlbur, the Director of the County’s Weed, Pest and Mosquito abatement districts brought a severe mosquito problem to our attention. The area hardest hit is bordered, approximately, by State Street on the north, about a mile west of Linder Road on the west, Chinden on the south, and […]

Severe Mosquito Problem in Eagle area

There was a lengthy Idaho Racing Commission meeting yesterday afternoon. This group has been stalled and has failed to take appropriate action for almost a year now to get horse racing back on track at Idaho Downs (formerly known as Les Bois Park). All it would take is a simple […]

Horse Racing In Brief