Biography & Background Wanting to lower property taxes and cut wasteful spending is one thing; having the actual experience of delivering on those promises to taxpayers is another. Upon arriving in Boise in 1990, I put my BA to good use. I first began advocating on behalf of taxpayers on […]

Ada GOP Voter Guide – Sharon Ullman

I have been a member of Friends of Murgoitio Park since late June of 2021. I have attended meetings, donated a little money, and passed out flyers advocating for this park. I also sent a letter to Boise Mayor Lauren McLean – that you can find here on my blog – […]

Save Murgoitio Park!

If you think it is acceptable for the Board of Ada County Commissioners to keep unspent property taxpayers’ dollars at the end of each fiscal year for several years, place them in a slush fund for future use, and then spend them on a large capital project while providing few […]

Board’s Boise Garage Boondoggle