Daily Archives: September 4, 2009

Congratulations for throwing your hat in the ring! Now it’s time to find out what you are really made of. Anyone can say or write that they want to cut wasteful spending, protect air and water quality, improve our quality of life, etc. Voters want to know HOW you plan […]

Message to City Council Candidates

From the City of Boise website: “2009 BOISE CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE LIST (Official list) “Boise City Council Seat 2Vernon L. BisterfeldtDaniel L. DunhamDavid A. Honey “Boise City Council Seat 4TJ ThomsonSteven B. SiebersLeland (Lee) J. LayDavid S. Litster “Boise City Council Seat 6Maryanne JordanLucas BaumbachDavid Webb” It looks like there […]

City Council Candidates

Yesterday, I attended a meeting of the Emergency Communications Planning Committee and heard updates on some exciting advances being made in Ada County emergency services under the direction of new Emergency Communication Director Carl Rader. First, some computer hardware connectivity issues have been worked out so now the folks in […]

Going Global