• Return the county to a zero-based budgeting system, in which every expense must be justified periodically, to stop wasteful spending and reduce property taxes
• Remove the influence of cronyism and political payoffs in Ada County government
• Prevent lawsuits such as the one that cost taxpayers $2.7 million when two current commissioners were found guilty of wrongfully firing a county whistleblower
• Defend the county against frivolous claims like the Fortistar lawsuit, that had no cause of action and no merit, rather than roll over and burden county taxpayers with a needless $2.6 million settlement
• Return integrity and openness to Ada County government
• Protect county employees, colleagues and peers around the state from bullying by commissioners
• Work to provide increased access to services for west Ada County residents for whom the county courthouse is not conveniently located
• Provide the public an insider’s view of government in Ada County through blogging, social media, radio interviews, and public appearances
• ALWAYS ask questions and know the facts before voting on issues that affect Ada County taxpayers

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