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April revenues for the State of Idaho came in $55 Million lower than anticipated. How do we make ends meet in the state budget, without raising taxes, when revenues are drying up? On February 1, 2009, the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hoffman wrote, “An audit of the Idaho Transportation Department […]

How to Cut Government 101

At today’s Ada County Air Quality Board meeting, it was announced that the average per test price for a vehicle emissions test in Ada County is $18.50 and six cents of that amount goes to education and outreach. If we were to contract with DEQ (and use their contractor, SysTech) […]

Air Quality Board Update

The state is currently violating the Idaho Constitution, Article VII, Section 11 – EXPENDITURE NOT TO EXCEED APPROPRIATION. Claims by the Governor that we have a balanced budget are simply untrue. At the present time, the state has over $650 Million in GARVEE bond debt, for which we taxpayers are […]

Unbalanced Budget

The Idaho Racing Commission, whose three members are appointed by the Governor, is the regulatory body for Idaho’s horse racing industry. In a meeting of the I.R.C. Board on May 5, it was noted that the Racing Commission will run out of operating funds in October of 2010 if horse […]

10/10/10 R.I.P. Idaho Horse Racing?