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Sorry to keep beating the same drum over and over, but based on some of the comments that are being posted on here, there is apparently still some confusion about Les Bois Park, so here goes again. My colleagues and I were not trying to shut down horse racing at […]

Les Bois Park in Black and White

The kids and I had a fun day yesterday, including flying kites at the park. It looks like it might not be quite as warm, but not bad kite flying weather today, too. I’ll get back to political blogging, including responding to your questions and comments, in the next few […]

Go Fly A Kite

We have been hearing from people who are both happy and unhappy that the County has, at least for the time being, stopped subsidizing Idaho’s horse racing industry. The County tried to work with Capitol Racing by allowing them to make their lease payments to the County on a month-to-month […]

One More Time

If you haven’t already heard, this morning, the Board of Ada County Commissioners voted to reject both proposals we received from potential operators for Les Bois Park, the County-owned horse racing facility at the fairgrounds. Rumors and outright lies are flying about why we took this action. I would like […]

Les Bois Park – Déjà vu All Over Again

Yesterday, at a meeting of the COMPASS (Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho) Board, I was the only member to vote no on a motion to move a list of transportation projects along. What was my problem? These projects will require a 20-percent match of local funds, but when I […]

Why I Voted No – Again

Okay, it’s trivial, but here goes: the Board has “routine” meetings scheduled pretty much all day long on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mondays are meeting days, as well, but Monday meetings tend to be with people, or about topics, we only deal with on an occasional basis. Fridays are typically […]

Why I Blog on Fridays

You haven’t heard much from me on here lately, mostly because I have been busy. For example, this week, in addition to all of the usual meetings, paperwork, e-mail messages, and phone calls, I had the pleasure of meeting with Randy Howell, the Boise Fire Department’s new division chief over […]

Eventful Week

Just a quick note to pass along an observation: the number of acronyms being used by government at all levels seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Although acronyms can be a useful tool, other than the most common ones, they are not altogether “user-friendly.” Perhaps frequent users of […]


On Friday, April 3, I did a “ride along” with an Emergency Medical Services supervisor. It is said that when there is a rider along, the department usually has an unusually quiet day. Such was not the case on this day. As we went from station to station, calls came […]

On the Job with Ada County EMS