Monthly Archives: January 2009

After taking the oath of office on Monday, January 12, I hit the ground running. That morning, my colleagues, Commission Chairman Fred Tilman and Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre, had welcomed me aboard with a meeting to bring me up to speed on things that had changed since I previously held this […]

Déjà Vu Lite

The biggest “uh-oh” issue of my first couple of weeks on the job is the fact that the County’s Solid Waste hauling contract – essentially the granting of a monopoly by County government for what is now a mandatory service in unincorporated Ada County – will expire shortly. BFI/Allied Waste/Republic […]

It’s a Stinky Problem

Thank you for your support in the November election. I am truly honored to again have the opportunity to serve the people of Ada County. Because we had a large corps of volunteers helping with the campaign, and the county covers a lot of territory, it is possible that there […]

Off and Running!