Reducing Ada County’s insanely excessive spending I find it troubling that our elected officials don’t think these things through before committing tens of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on unnecessary brand new buildings. Why build new when remodeling existing buildings can be done far more economically? This is government. […]

Cut the Waste

Biography & Background Wanting to lower property taxes and cut wasteful spending is one thing; having the actual experience of delivering on those promises to taxpayers is another. Upon arriving in Boise in 1990, I put my BA to good use. I first began advocating on behalf of taxpayers on […]

Ada GOP Voter Guide – Sharon Ullman

I have been a member of Friends of Murgoitio Park since late June of 2021. I have attended meetings, donated a little money, and passed out flyers advocating for this park. I also sent a letter to Boise Mayor Lauren McLean – that you can find here on my blog – […]

Save Murgoitio Park!

July 27, 2021 The Honorable Rod Beck, Ryan Davidson and Kendra Kenyon Board of Ada County Commissioners 200 W Front Street Boise, ID 83702 Dear Commissioners Beck, Davidson and Kenyon: Congratulations on your decision to cut the property tax portion of the 2021-22 budget by $12 million! I applaud your […]

Letter to Board of Ada County Commissioners re: Budget

July 19, 2021 The Honorable Lauren McLean Boise Mayor Boise City Hall 150 N Capitol Blvd Boise, ID 83702 Dear Mayor McLean: You and I have something in common: we were both awarded the Max Dalton Open Government Award. I was the inaugural winner in 1999 and you, along with […]

Murgoitio Park Preservation – Letter to Mayor McLean July 2021

If you think it is acceptable for the Board of Ada County Commissioners to keep unspent property taxpayers’ dollars at the end of each fiscal year for several years, place them in a slush fund for future use, and then spend them on a large capital project while providing few […]

Board’s Boise Garage Boondoggle

https://www.reddit.com/r/Boise/   Please join us on Thursday, May 10, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for Boise Reddit’s first “Ask Me Anything!” I will reveal Ada County’s $$$$$ proposed facilities expansion plan.


I have obtained the list of Ada County’s proposed capital improvement projects from another source, but am looking forward to receiving a direct response from the Ada County Commissioners’ office. It’s clear to me that the only reason the county did not supply it within three days of my public […]

Suggestions for Ada County Capital Improvements?