Save Murgoitio Park!

I have been a member of Friends of Murgoitio Park since late June of 2021. I have attended meetings, donated a little money, and passed out flyers advocating for this park. I also sent a letter to Boise Mayor Lauren McLean – that you can find here on my blog – asking that the land not be developed with housing.

When as a candidate for Ada County Commissioner I was asked to provide a statement of my position on the issue, I told Friends of Murgoitio Park the following:

Having lived in the Southwest Community for many years, I am passionate about seeing that the Murgoitio Park property not be developed into housing.

I believe that Friends of Murgoitio Park and Ada County must get control of the property through whatever means necessary: purchase, eminent domain, or legal action taken against the City of Boise for wrongful use of the parks impact fees collected in the Southwest Community that were spent in downtown Boise.

At this time, I am opposed to a compromise that includes housing on any portion of the property.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this, or any other, Ada County issues. My email address is and my telephone number is (208) 861-5848. Thank you!

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