Sensible Safety Suggestion for Seniors

From Sage Community Resources came this great idea for seniors, or anyone, for that matter. When you go to bed at night, put your keys near your bed. If you hear suspicious noises at night, hit the panic button on your keys to set off your car alarm. (Obviously, this idea only works with vehicles that have built-in alarm systems.)

If someone is trying to break in, it is likely the sudden loud alarm sound will deter them. It will also cause your neighbors to look out their windows to see who is there and find out what is going on. This is such a great idea I thought it was well worth passing along!

In case you are wondering, according to the description on their website, SAGE Community Resources is “an economic development association of the cities and counties of southwest Idaho. In addition to economic development we also administer or are directly involved in:

1. A revolving loan fund in the rural member counties.
2. The Southwest Idaho Area Agency on Aging.
3. Planning and grant administration for our member counties.”

Ada County actively participates in this organization.

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