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Ben Franklin was right when he said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, particularly with regard to health care. As taxpayers, we pay the bills for people who cannot afford medical care yet end up in emergency rooms – sometimes with conditions that could have been […]

Health Care Solutions

I pledge allegiance to the flag. I pledge allegiance to the Constitution. I’ve now been asked to sign a “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” I received that states, “I, _________, PLEDGE TO THE TAXPAYERS OF THE STATE OF _________, THAT, AS TREASURER (note: I’m running for Governor), I WILL OPPOSE AND FIGHT […]

Consistent Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I received a packet in the mail today from KTRV Fox 12 regarding my gubernatorial candidacy and the station’s advertising rates. In the packet was a letter, signed by Larry R. Polowski, Sports & Special Projects Coordinator. Although the envelope was addressed to me, the salutation on the letter was, […]

FOX Faux Pas

From an April 2 news release: Boise – Ada County Commissioner and Republican Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Sharon Ullman today called upon Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to investigate the possibility of gas price fixing in Idaho. In her letter to Mr. Wasden, Ullman points to a March 31 news release from […]

Calling for Gas Price Probe