Monthly Archives: November 2009

We can probably all agree that we want clean air to breathe. How we achieve this worthy goal is subject to some difference of opinion, however. On November 12, the Ada County Air Quality Board held a public hearing for the purpose of soliciting input on a proposal to change […]

Air Quality Board

It’s going to take a little more luck and a lot more action to get the situation at Idaho Downs (formerly known as Les Bois Park) resolved. Yesterday, I attended a meeting of the Idaho State Racing Commission, the group that oversees live and simulcast horse racing in the state. […]

Lotsa Luck

Shortly before noon today, I headed over to the U.S. Bank building where members of the Idaho Press Club were meeting. Idaho Senator Dean Cameron, Representative Scott Bedke and former candidate for Idaho’s First Congressional District Andy Hedden-Nicely and I had all been invited to serve on a panel called […]

Turning the Tables on the Media

Although I have ridden in a downtown Boise parade in the Boise Tour Train (the old tourist attraction, not the $65 million in-ground-track boondoggle) it was different being in my “own” vehicle for today’s Veterans’ Day Parade. I was chauffeured by Johnny Leedy in what he says is the fastest […]

Honoring Our Veterans

A couple of Ada County’s finest – Ada County Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Olson and Sergeant Joe Wright – both ran into a burning building in order to save the man and woman inside. They performed CPR on the elderly woman until paramedics (those would be from Ada County as well) […]

Hometown Heroes – Take Two