Monthly Archives: February 2010

In “The cool kids vs. curmudgeons on the streetcar” an opinion piece that appeared in yesterday’s Idaho Statesman, Kevin Richert outlined Boise Mayor Dave Bieter’s latest strategy for promoting his $60 million boondoggle, the downtown Boise streetcar. Richert’s piece has a new explanation for the difference of opinion between streetcar […]

Correlation Between Age and Political Position?

At Ada County, we have been working diligently to ensure that tax and fee payers pay no more than necessary for county services. One of the tools we have used to cut costs without adversely affecting service is consolidation. The Communications Department has been consolidated into the Department of Administration, […]

Consolidation Saves Money

Intentions matter. An issue I thought had been resolved the first time I held a seat on the Board of Ada County Commissioners has come back around. The Prosecutor’s Office uses a standardized form to create Resolutions for the Board to consider, containing the following language: “AT A MEETING OF […]

Words Matter