Suggestions for Ada County Capital Improvements? 1

I have obtained the list of Ada County’s proposed capital improvement projects from another source, but am looking forward to receiving a direct response from the Ada County Commissioners’ office. It’s clear to me that the only reason the county did not supply it within three days of my public records request was to ensure it did not get out before next Tuesday’s Primary Election.

A friend made a great suggestion to me today. Before I release the list of costly projects, I would like to hear from you: What new capital facilities (buildings) do you believe “We the People” of Ada County need badly enough that you are willing to pay higher property taxes to provide the county with them?

Please weigh in either on my Facebook page at or send your thoughts via email, to Remember, Ada County does not provide roads or schools. Thank you!

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One thought on “Suggestions for Ada County Capital Improvements?

  • Diane C. Stearns

    First, it is simpler to tell you what I do NOT support:

    1) Library: The Salt Lake Hardware Building works just fine as our library. At that time, we were glad to obtain it and at this time, we should be glad to have it in place.
    2) Baseball Stadium: The last thing in the world that Boise needs is a sports stadium. The Hawks Stadium in Garden City can use a little upgrading, but it will last for another twenty-five years at least.

    Diane Stearns