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The mainstream media has done a poor job telling you the truth about appointed Ada County Commissioner and candidate Dave Case. For example:

• Case broke the law when, as a classified employee for the State of Idaho, he filed to run for partisan elected office.

• Case broke the law when, as a Parole Hearing Officer for the State of Idaho, he used his state-issued credit card (P-card) for personal use.

• Case broke the law when, as a Parole Hearing Officer for the State of Idaho, he misused the strictly regulated National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer for personal purposes.

• Case voted for a trash rate increase for Republic Services in unincorporated Ada County that was not mandatory or warranted. He did so without asking a single question. He failed to disclose at the time that he had taken a $1000 campaign contribution from the company.

• Case approved not only a 2 percent salary increase for himself just months after taking office but, at the same time, approved a 1.5 percent bonus for himself – dollars that had been allocated by the Board for longer-term employees who had seen few or no salary increases during the four years of recession.

• Case claims to be a Republican but in one of the biggest partisan races in the state, in 2010 supported Congressman Raul Labrador’s Democrat opponent.

• Case wrote on his campaign website that he supports “Transparency in Government” saying, “Public trust is accomplished by the work of the people being conducted and discussed in open public forums. Not behind closed doors. I promise to conduct the business of the people on the record and in front of them.” Yet, on a nearly daily basis, Case hides behind his closed office door. I have photos to prove it.

• Case violated the Idaho Open Meeting Law, which he admitted in a public hearing on the so-called “rooster ordinance” at which he glibly proclaimed, “I kind of got in on this ordinance at the tail end of it but I have talked to quite a few of you who have called or stopped me in the halls and chatted with me. I do appreciate your testimony and everything and your comments and they were well taken.”

• Case was never cleared in the wrongful death of a Payette County Sheriff’s Deputy. The case was eventually settled due to extenuating circumstances surrounding the deputy’s widow, but the officers involved (Case included) were never cleared. Read the Idaho Supreme Court cases and decide for yourself.

Dave Case has made numerous unfounded allegations about my Board colleagues Fred Tilman, Rick Yzaguirre and me but it is Case whose unethical and unlawful behavior should disqualify him from holding public office.

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2 thoughts on “Press Fails Public

  • Ted Martinez

    Sharon, I wish we could of heard from you sooner with this. I’m disappointed that you are not the one running.

  • sharonu Post author

    Thanks, Ted. I foolishly believed the media would do its job and report the truth about Mr. Case. Friends have warned me that by bringing these issues to the public’s attention, I would open myself to having my motivations questioned so I have held off; however, I believe that voters have a right to know before they go vote tomorrow. Thanks again!