Fighting the Greene Giant 1

According to Idaho Code 54-2514A, the simulcasting of dog racing outside of Kootenai County is a felony in the State of Idaho. The Greene Group operators of Les Bois Park have been simulcasting greyhound racing every day they have been open since June 1, 2011, according to their online schedule. If every greyhound race meet that is broadcast constitutes only one felony, they will have committed 178 felonies since opening day. How long do you suppose it ought to take for the proper authorities to take action?

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One thought on “Fighting the Greene Giant

  • TruthTeller5150

    The people from Greene Group know that simulcasting Greyhounds is illegal at Les Bois Park. They are the rason for the law in the first place. Bryant, Wilson, Phelps and Okuniewicz just think that Idaho is so full of uneducated rednecks that no one will bother to look up the law. Oops!

    I just hope that Bettis, Williams, Yanke, Grigsby and Rebholtz don’t get burned too bad. After all, Treasure Valley Racing LLC is the OFFICIAL operator of Les Bois Park and each felony could bring with it a fine of up to $50,000.00. I wouldn’t be too happy if my business partner did somethng that put my name on a bill for 8.9 million bucks! Yikes!