Bits ‘N’ Bytes

• Several people who are contemplating running for office have contacted me recently, seeking advice on how to win an election. The best advice I have to give them is to get involved, stay involved and become informed. There you have it in a nutshell.

• Along the same lines, I hope the man who contacted me a week or two ago about running for the legislature will call me back. I must not have the correct phone number.

• I heard on the radio that the recession is over so it MUST be true (she says, sarcastically.) I sincerely HOPE it’s over and I WANT it to be over, but I will believe it when I see it.

• Yes, I do plan to run for the office of governor; however, I have not made a formal announcement just yet. Why run? As a current county commissioner, I am seeing how much state laws and mandates are impacting us here at the county level.

As governor, I would be able to have a stronger influence on the state laws that impact county taxpayers and local governments. As a Republican, I believe that in most cases, decisions made at the local level tend to better serve the public. For more information about my campaign, please click on the link to my campaign website or check it out at .

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