Ada County Paramedics in the News

There has been a considerable amount of coverage lately regarding Ada County’s ambulance district and the Boise Fire Department’s apparent desire to get into the emergency medical transport business.

I am the Board liaison to our Ada County Paramedics (ACP) Department. I volunteered for this assignment because I am passionate about government providing the best possible service that can be attained at an affordable price in the vitally important field of emergency services.

The dedicated medics at ACP are led by an equally dedicated and forward-thinking director, Troy Hagen. Not only is Troy a longtime paramedic, he also has an MBA that is valuable for running the business side of the operation.

Since I took office, a number of changes have been implemented with regard to ACP. I have been attending monthly meetings of the Ada County Fire Chiefs’ Association and believe much of the progress that has been made can be attributed to a renewed spirit of cooperation amongst both paramedics and fire agencies.

We are working diligently to improve operations through joint efforts with the local fire departments. Troy and I recently put together a list. Ada County Paramedics is:

• Working with the fire departments to develop improved incident management policies for better on-scene coordination.
• Working with the fire departments to establish uniform medical protocols for ACP and all local fire departments.
• Working with the fire departments to improve communications between agencies. Now fire departments and ACP use one radio frequency when both are dispatched on the same 9-1-1 emergency call.
• Now providing joint training opportunities for fire department paramedics.
• Offering a joint staffing proposal to the Boise and Meridian Fire Departments that would create teams of one Ada County paramedic and one fire paramedic to serve together on some county ambulances.

There is always room to do things better. ACP does an excellent job, but we are open-minded with regard to ideas for ways in which to further improve the provision of services in Ada County.

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