Please join us on Thursday, May 10, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for Boise Reddit’s first “Ask Me Anything!” I will reveal Ada County’s $$$$$ proposed facilities expansion plan.

I have obtained the list of Ada County’s proposed capital improvement projects from another source, but am looking forward to receiving a direct response from the Ada County Commissioners’ office. It’s clear to me that the only reason the county did not supply it within three days of my public […]

Suggestions for Ada County Capital Improvements?

The Wrongful Termination of Rich Wright: A jury unanimously found Dave Case and Jim Tibbs guilty of wrongful termination. Cost to taxpayers: $2.7 MILLION. Please watch our new video for details.   The Wrongful Termination of Rich Wright – Video

The Wrongful Termination of Rich Wright – Link to Video

You think property taxes in Ada County are bad now, with more than a 41 percent increase in just the past five years? Just wait, it’s going to get a lot worse! Last Wednesday, May 2, I submitted the following public records request to the Board of Ada County Commissioners: […]

Ada County Hides List (Get Ready for Huge Property Tax ...

Someone on my Facebook page recently questioned the county’s involvement in the Dynamis waste-to-energy project. He indicated my two Board colleagues and I had been duped. Nope. The contract was written in such a way as to provide the county the opportunity to get our entire investment back, if either […]

Dynamis – Why Did Case and Tibbs Fail to Get ...

Since early 2013, the Board of Ada County Commissioners has made a frightening number of bad and costly decisions, supposedly on behalf of the county’s taxpayers. FIRST, the day after I left office in January of 2013, Commissioners Dave Case and Jim Tibbs, in a two-to-one decision, fired Rich Wright. […]

A Series of Costly Decisions

Ada County was in excellent financial shape when I left office: The county carried forward 25 million unspent dollars from the FY 2013 budget into the following year’s budget Additionally, the county had more than $30 million in the bank, to pay off the courthouse bonds All of the county’s […]

Financial Frugality Facts

The Board of Ada County Commissioners made another bad and costly decision: they settled a lawsuit with Fortistar Energy (aka Hidden Hollow Energy) by paying the company more than $2.6 million. Fortistar had no legal cause of action or legitimate claim against the county. Fortistar operates two engines at the […]

Fortistar Lawsuit Facts