Sharon Ullman (right) and husband Joe Coones (left).

During my two-year term, my actions saved Ada County property taxpayers over $13 million. During my four-year term, the Board of Ada County Commissioners left $81 million in the pockets of taxpayers. The tax portion of the Ada County budget increased a total of $3.12 million – just 3.7 percent, the amount generated by new construction. During the eight years after I left the Board, the tax portion of the Ada County budget increased a whopping $65 MILLION – nearly 74 percent!*  During this eight-year period, inflation totaled just over 16 percent and population growth was 27 percent, not nearly enough to justify the huge increase. Can YOU afford more blue bars on this graph?!

Ada County tax and budget information:  Ada County Budget and Finance Information 

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Pd. by Sharon Ullman for Ada County Commissioner