SECOND TERM, January 2009 – January 2013

  • Left a cumulative $81 million in property taxpayers’ pockets by not taking allowable three percent budget increase all four years.

  • Refused campaign contributions from special interests, lobbyists, and county contractors.

  • Spearheaded money-saving Community Health Screening program.

  • Reduced cost of Ada County’s trash contract by $750,000 through rebidding process.

  • Funded the county justice center’s Executive Director position.

  • Chaired the countywide Hazard Mitigation Plan Committee.

  • Reduced parking rates at the Ada County courthouse.

  • Teamed with ACHD and ITD to install a traffic signal and crosswalk in front of the courthouse.

  • Identified the need for security cameras in unsupervised jail classrooms for instructor safety.

  • Purchased foreclosed foothills land linking Ridge-to-Rivers trails to the Avimor trail system.

  • Obtained the necessary support to remove Ada County Misdemeanor Probation from poorly managed private control.

FIRST TERM, January 2001 – January 2003

  • Prompted a $6 million property tax rebate by disclosing, and objecting to, the county’s $20 million slush fund.

  • Saved $7 million for taxpayers on an emergency radio system by questioning the initial, more costly, proposal by asking the right questions.

  • Saved Ada County taxpayers $412,000 a year (ongoing) on pre-sentence investigators, a legal responsibility of the State of Idaho.

  • Listened and investigated dispatchers’ complaints about system malfunctions and called for replacement of a life-threatening 9-1-1 dispatch system months before all other local leaders.

  • Objected to Lariat Productions’ takeover of Les Bois Park, which turned detrimental almost immediately.