Signalized Crosswalk Needed

If one is heading to the Winco shopping center, it is counter-intuitive to have to walk a block down the street from the main entrance of the Ada County courthouse, to either Avenue A or 3rd Street, in order to cross Front Street at a crosswalk. Instead, many people take the quicker, straight-line-across, approach.

Despite past efforts by the Boise Police Department to ticket jaywalkers in front of the courthouse, countless people still make the mad dash to-and-fro, playing chicken with the motorized vehicles.

Possible solutions would include the installation of a pedestrian overpass or underpass, or a signalized crosswalk, timed in conjunction with the lights at Avenue A and 3rd Street to be less disruptive to the flow of traffic on Front Street. The most cost-effective solution appears to be the latter.

It’s high time the powers that be at the Idaho Transportation Department take action and install such a crosswalk now, BEFORE someone gets hit.

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