Quorum Questions 2

I must apologize for having not written anything lately for my blog. It has been challenging to find time to write.

As you might have realized by now, there is rarely a dull moment in the life of an Ada County commissioner! I have been working on some deadline-sensitive projects and Commissioners Rick Yzaguirre and I are keeping the county running even with Commissioner Vern Bisterfeldt’s extended absence.

With a three-person board, it can be a challenge to function when one member is chronically absent or becomes impaired and is unable to do their job, due to the potential lack of a quorum if either of the other two people cannot be present. Last week, because Rick was out of town, we had to reach him by telephone several times in order to have our necessary two-commissioner quorum to hold hearings and conduct county business.

Next Tuesday morning, Rick will be tied up interviewing candidates for an open judgeship. Hopefully, Vern will be better next week and able to return, but we are moving the bulk of our regularly scheduled Open Business Meeting from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the likely event he will not be back. Rest assured that Rick and I are committed to getting the job done and keeping the county on track.

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2 thoughts on “Quorum Questions

  • Gin McKean

    Hello Commissioner,
    We are so very appreciative for all you do!!

    Also, wanted to let you know that the state
    of Pennsylvania has now outlawed greyhound
    Yes, that is right, Greyhound Simulcast!

    Let the good state of Idaho be the next
    to do just that.

    For the love of Greyhounds,
    Greyhound Rescue of Idaho!

  • sharonu Post author

    Thanks, Gin! That’s great news about Pennsylvania! The simulcast of greyhound racing is already illegal in Idaho, except at one site, but no one will enforce the law. You are correct. We need to get the Idaho Legislature to clarify the law so an ignorant Deputy Attorney General will stop misinterpreting it!