Quake Effects

Effects of Saturday’s earthquake off the Northern California coast seem to have made it all the way to Canyon County. On Saturday afternoon, admittedly at the last minute, I was at the shiny new Macy’s in Nampa trying to find just the right accessories to go with my outfit for that evening’s Idaho Governor’s Ball.

I was chatting on my cell phone with a friend and ended the call right around 4:27 p.m., at which time I asked the saleswoman for assistance. As we made our way through the department, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, a purse on a table several yards in front of us fell spontaneously to the floor. No one had been touching the purses or had even been in the area recently.

I made a comment to the saleswoman to the effect of, “Wow! That was odd. I hope it doesn’t mean we’re having an earthquake!” Unbeknownst to us was the fact that right then a 6.5-magnitude earthquake was occurring in the vicinity of Humboldt County, California, some 400 or more miles away. It drives home the idea that we really are all in this together. Best wishes to those affected by the quake for a quick and relatively easy cleanup and recovery.

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