According to Idaho Code 54-2514A, the simulcasting of dog racing outside of Kootenai County is a felony in the State of Idaho. The Greene Group operators of Les Bois Park have been simulcasting greyhound racing every day they have been open since June 1, 2011, according to their online schedule. […]

Fighting the Greene Giant

I am a staunch fiscal conservative, but believe the money that will be spent on a signalized crosswalk at Front and 2nd Streets – directly in front of the Ada County Courthouse – is very worthwhile. Over the past six years, Ada County has left the allowable three percent property […]

Crosswalk Cost Conundrum

Ada County Commission Chair Rick Yzaguirre and I returned last Wednesday after having spent five days in Portland, Oregon, at a meeting of the National Association of Counties. Having the opportunity to interact with other county elected officials from around the nation was valuable and the amazing talk given to […]

NACo Meeting Disappoints

Dog racing is illegal in the State of Idaho, because of the heinous treatment of greyhounds allowed by the Greene Group at their track in Post Falls in the early-to-mid 1990’s. In 1995, Spokesman-Review investigative reporter J. Todd Foster exposed the nightmarish conditions in which the dogs were kept, and […]

Blowing the Whistle on the Greene Group

Part I Today, Monday, April 11, at 1:00 p.m. the Board of Ada County Commissioners will auction off a five-plus-year lease for the operation of Les Bois Park. It is widely expected that there will be only one bidder. The likely bidder, Treasure Valley Racing, LLC, (“TVR”) was formed on […]

Just Say “No” to Greene Group

Do you know a Veteran? First, tell them thank you, then make sure they are aware that they need to register with the VA in order to be eligible for benefits. If they are uninsured, and county and state taxpayers end up paying their medical bills, they will be liable […]

Veterans Must Register to Receive Benefits!

Ada County voters elected a new county Treasurer, Vicky McIntyre. Since taking office on January 10, Vicky has proven to be a valuable resource and asset to the county organization. She brings to the position solid professional, organizational, and management skills along with an in-depth understanding of finance, accounting, economics, […]

A New County “Treasure”

The one thing everyone seems to agree on with regard to horse racing at the Ada County facility on the Expo Idaho fairgrounds is that if horses don’t run there this year, they likely never will again. Idaho Entertainment, the company that was leasing the facility from Ada County, gave […]

Last Chance

About 50 county elected officials are present for a meeting on Urban Renewal at the fall Idaho Association of Counties’ Conference. It seems that more and more county officials are unhappy our taxpayers are having to subsidize “urban renewal” within city limits, with no vote and no representation. I am […]

Urban Renewal