Honoring Our Veterans

Although I have ridden in a downtown Boise parade in the Boise Tour Train (the old tourist attraction, not the $65 million in-ground-track boondoggle) it was different being in my “own” vehicle for today’s Veterans’ Day Parade.

I was chauffeured by Johnny Leedy in what he says is the fastest car in the Valley Corvette Club. My name and position were emblazoned on signs hanging from both sides of the bright shiny red sports car.

I was admittedly somewhat apprehensive about the event because it seemed weird to me to put elected officials in beautiful cars to promenade in front of those we are in office to serve, particularly when the purpose of the parade was to recognize and honor all those who have served our country in the various branches of the military.

As it turned out, it was a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Johnny proved to be a delightful escort throughout the duration of the parade, and the words of encouragement from numerous onlookers for the job I am doing were sincerely appreciated. Please remember to also pass along words of thanks and encouragement to all of our veterans.

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