Hometown Heroes!

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of being in the group of Ada County Paramedics and friends who welcomed home one of our local heroes, Chris Ehrman.

Chris was hired by Ada County in 2004, where he is currently a Paramedic and Field Training Officer. He has worked on the Special Operations Team and is also a huge support to the Ada County Paramedics’ Education Department.

Chris was sent to Twentynine Palms, California last fall and in March was shipped off to Iraq, where he served as a Navy Corpsman attached to a Marine battalion. He and his wife Brande have three children, and have been married for two-and-a-half years. They were anxiously awaiting his arrival and we are all glad he made it back home safe and sound.

I am always appreciative of the emergency services workers in our community, whether paramedics, fire fighters, police officers or dispatchers. Chris took his public service commitment to a higher level. Veterans Day is right around the corner. Be sure to find a vet, like Chris, and say, “Thank you!”

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