Hometown Heroes – Take Two

A couple of Ada County’s finest – Ada County Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Olson and Sergeant Joe Wright – both ran into a burning building in order to save the man and woman inside. They performed CPR on the elderly woman until paramedics (those would be from Ada County as well) could take over her care.

They’d probably both say, “Aw shucks, it’s all in a day’s work,” but these two law enforcement officers went a little further than most of us are called upon to do: they risked their own lives in order to save the lives of others. Way to go Deputy Olson and Sergeant Wright! We’re proud of you!

When you see your local law enforcement officer out on patrol, or the fire folks out doing their grocery shopping, or an ambulance crew heading home from the hospital after a call, be sure you smile and wave or say, “Hi!” so they will know you appreciate their service to our community. Who knows? The next life they save might just be your own!

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