Crosswalk Cross Talk

Eric ~ Yes, it is ITD and not ACHD. Front Street is a state road, not a local county road, so it is the Idaho Transportation Department that would have to act to address this situation.

Clancy ~ CCDC is now charging $2.50 per hour for every hour of parking at the courthouse, up to a daily maximum of $12. For now, they still “provide” the first ten minutes of free parking, as well as reduced prices to government agencies (taxpayer dollars) for juror and law enforcement parking. They had threatened to do away with these benefits, as well, but have temporarily backed off.

It appears that CCDC is trying to balance its budget on the backs of Ada County Courthouse parkers. My colleagues and I are looking into possible solutions, such as trying to buy out the remainder of the lease agreement CCDC has for the parking structure.

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