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Clancy ~ Eric is correct. Landfill fees were much lower when there weren’t so many federal regulations. Hopefully the increased awareness of the need to protect our environment and groundwater, which led to all of those newer regulations, will mean a cleaner world for our children and grandchildren. The unfortunate side effect is significantly increased costs.

My colleagues and I are working with the Landfill Director to keep any eventual fee increase to an absolute minimum.

Eric ~ There are more fire stations, therefore, those folks often show up at the scene first, so it doesn’t hurt to have well-trained fire medics. The bigger issue is that we don’t need two ambulances to show up and compete over which one will transport a patient.

Because the Boise Fire Department has expressed an interest in providing increased medical services, and so we can provide the most efficient and effective seamless system, I have been working closely with Boise Fire’s new Emergency Medical Services Division Chief to ensure we have just that.

Bikeboy ~ Sorry to have gotten you all worked up over the concept of “arming” county employees! In this case, of course, I was talking about providing good information and antibacterial hand sanitizers. In addition, our paramedics have additional protective gear, such as special masks, in case they take care of patients who are displaying symptoms of H1N1 flu.

To all ~ Thank you for your support for the blog, as well as for the comments. It’s nice to know that someone is paying attention when they read it. FYI, there have been an average of about 600 unique visitors to my blog over each of the past three months. Hopefully, this blog is not only providing some worthwhile information, but also serving as a balance to the oft times inaccurate and grossly biased media coverage we otherwise see.

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