Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven’t posted anything on here for a little while because things have been busy; however, there are numerous issues to address. I hope to get something written up and posted soon about:

• Proposed changes to the Air Quality Board’s Rules and Regulations.
• How we saved a Million Dollars at the Landfill.
• Changes being made to the county’s contract review process, particularly with regard to maintenance and service agreements, to save money for taxpayers. Thus far, just asking a few questions has saved county taxpayers over $600.
• The absurd demand by ACHD’s attorney for Valley Regional Transit to spend $400 per bus bench to have them reviewed for ADA compliance. I want ADA compliant bus stops but there must be a better, more efficient, less costly way.
• Ways in which the county might be able to facilitate the provision of preventative health services in order to cut the $3.4 million property tax burden on Ada County residents.
• The point of the ACHD plaque issue – one of openness in government decision-making – being lost in the media melee and why I asked in 2001 that my name NOT be added to the plaque on the new courthouse due to my objections about the unconstitutional financing arrangements. Multiple problems have plagued the courthouse project since that time.

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