Ada County Hides List (Get Ready for Huge Property Tax Increases!) 2

You think property taxes in Ada County are bad now, with more than a 41 percent increase in just the past five years? Just wait, it’s going to get a lot worse!

Last Wednesday, May 2, I submitted the following public records request to the Board of Ada County Commissioners: “I would like a copy of the county’s most recent list of all proposed capital improvements that includes anticipated costs for all of the projects listed. Thank you!”

Today, I received a letter telling me it will take more than three days to process my request.

I merely requested they send me, through e-mail, a copy of an existing document. The county has added an employee specifically for the purpose of responding to public records requests. That employee is Benny Poole, a buddy of Commissioner Dave Case, who was originally hired to work at the landfill but who now responds to public records requests.

Ask yourself this question: What is it the county so desperate to hide until it is too late to have an impact on the upcoming May 15 Primary Election?

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