A New County “Treasure”

Ada County voters elected a new county Treasurer, Vicky McIntyre. Since taking office on January 10, Vicky has proven to be a valuable resource and asset to the county organization. She brings to the position solid professional, organizational, and management skills along with an in-depth understanding of finance, accounting, economics, business and even computer programming.

I first met Vicky shortly after my second term as a county commissioner began. At the time, she was working in the Ada County Assessor’s office as a management analyst. Did you hate waiting in line at the DMV? I did. The new system and resultant drop in wait times were a direct result of Vicky’s analysis and leadership.

Vicky brings a wealth of knowledge to the Ada County Treasurer’s position. She has Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees in Business Administration and has taught college-level management and economics classes. It would be difficult to find a more qualified, and concerned individual for this public service role.

Vicky has already made some dramatic changes in the way the Treasurer’s office does business. She is working to better safeguard public funds against possible misuse by centralizing all check processing in the county, something our external auditors support.

Our new Treasurer is working to create better cash handling and access controls over areas in her office that could leave room for funds to be inappropriately diverted (stolen) and has started reviewing contracts for compliance by county vendors.

Vicky has become a dear friend and is now a trusted and respected colleague, as well. Ada County taxpayers have a real “Treasure” in the role of our new Treasurer, Vicky McIntyre.

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