Defending Your Dollars

 Sharon Ullman Photo March 2016
During my four-year term, the Board of Ada County Commissioners left $81 million in the pockets of taxpayers. The tax portion of the Ada County budget increased a grand total of $3.12 million – just 3.7 percent, the amount generated solely by new construction. In the six years I have been off the Board, the tax portion of the Ada County budget has increased a whopping $45 MILLION – 51 percent! Can YOU afford any more costly decisions by the Board of Ada County Commissioners?! Can YOU afford four more red bars on this graph?!

Ada County tax and budget information can be found online here:  Ada County Budget and Finance Information

Find out more about me in this video: Sharon Ullman for Ada County Commissioner

The government that governs best is the one closest to the people. I believe in open, limited government, property tax reduction, and protection of public health and safety. If you would like to discuss the Ada County budget and taxation, or other county issues, I would love to hear from you! My e-mail address is and my telephone number is (208) 861-5848.

Thank you!

Sharon M. Ullman